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Get something done

The mid-term election is over; the Democrats are going to have the House, and the Republicans have the Senate. Maybe now we can get something done.

Veterans edition

I’m very grateful for The Daily Record that you allow us to acknowledge our veterans. But I think that since they served our country, the pictures published should be in color. The ads were in color, so couldn’t that be done as well?

Many of the photos were submitted in black and white and to make it uniform, all the photos were printed in black and white. The Daily Record is sponsoring another opportunity to honor veterans by hosting a float in the Dunn Christmas Parade which will be held Saturday, Dec. 1, at 2 p.m. If you are a veteran featured in the edition and want to ride in the parade, email

Divided country

You can see how divided our country is when we can’t have borders, but we defend everyone else. They say the caravans are asylum seekers. There is a right and wrong way coming in.

Voter ID

I’m so thankful we now have voted ID! At least someone won’t be able to go to another precinct and use a deceased name and vote twice. There won’t be fraud if we have voter ID. Everyone can get ID if they want it bad enough. The elections will be more fair now!

Vote recounts

Has anyone noticed when the Democrats don’t want a re-count? Then the votes mysteriously showed up in that county in Florida, and it’s the Democrats.

Never forgive

Our God says in the word, “Be humble and gentle and loving one another and forgiving of one another.” Michelle Obama says she will never forgive. ...

Unfair assistance

How is it that these mothers with multiple kids can easily get WIC and housing benefits, but old people and veterans have to wait and struggle to get help?

Concerned citizen

Why do we even vote? You have to have your ID for everything except to vote. In Florida they’re wanting all the illegals votes to count. I thought you had to be a citizen to vote. If you’re not a citizen, then your vote shouldn’t count.

Animals vs. elderly

I hear the animal rights people: it’s factory if you’re raising more than one. You never anyone say it’s a factory at the old folks home. They have two in a single person room. Every person should have a room by themselves.

God’s law and man’s law

A man said on television said that taking in needy and poor is Biblical, but it also says under God’s law that you obey man’s law as long as it doesn’t go against God. So, imigrants sneaking over here is breaking the law.

Double standards

Have you ever noticed how when someone wants help they run to the police, but if the police stop them then they claim they’re being harassed?

Done what he said

Whether you like it or don’t, at least Donald Trump isn’t the swamp. What he said when he did when he campaigned, he has tried to stick to it.


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