Sound off


Enjoys seeing pageant winners

I really enjoy seeing the pictures of the pageant queen pictures in the newspaper. The colors are pretty and I’m quite sure others enjoy it as much as I do.

Inmates are still human

Tabor Correctional Institute is the most worst prison. ... Their main goal is to dehumanize the inmates and then sit around and joke about it. This is not a laughing matter. This place needs to be investigated by law enforcement. No matter how many grievances we file, nothing changes. Someone please help!

Friendly reminder

I wanted to remind everyone about the time and temp number, it’s 591-4111, and on Sundays they give scripture. In case you didn’t get it, I wanted to let everyone know.

Halloween festivals

I find it interesting that every year at Halloween a lot of our local churches don’t believe in trick or treat/dressing up for Halloween, but they hold festivals which allow the kids to dress up. They’re still celebrating Halloween. I think they use this as a cover up. It’s still Halloween, what’s the difference?

Pave the roads

This is a concerned citizen about the roads on Ellis Avenue and Watauga Avenue. They are so bumpy with holes. They don’t do anything but ruin people’s tires. I would appreciate it if they could be paved.

Leave Silent Sam

I have a suggestion for Silent Sam. Leave him where he is. He has been there a long time. Move the activists and Mr. Roy Cooper down to Bentonville to be seen by all people. What about the Market House in Fayetteville, will that be moved there as well?

Have to show ID other places

I don’t know what this is about the voter ID law, but what about when you go to the pharmacy? The one good thing you get is to vote. People say showing ID is too much stress. You can’t have medicine without ID, so why can you vote without an ID?


It’s curious that Phil Ferrell uses your sports pages to expound on his personal principles while apparently denying professional athletes the right to announce their personal principles, a bit of a hypocrite.

Teach them right

I saw on TV about guns in America. Have you thought about all these shooting games kids play. Ninety percent of them have never actually used a gun or been taught how. If you taught them right, they won’t misuse the guns.

Not on my land

I’d like to know more about the right to hunt and fish law. If it says they have the right to come on my land and hunt, if I haven’t told them they can do it, I’ll call the cops; I haven’t given anyone the right to hunt on my land!

See aliens at the border

They keep calling them immigrants, but they’re illegal aliens. If you don’t believe in aliens maybe you should go to the border!

Editorial complaint

I’m calling because if I wanted to buy The Fayetteville Observer and read their editorial comment, I could buy it here in Dunn. I buy The Daily Record to see what people here in Dunn have to say, not what some Democrat in Fayetteville has to say. Everything I’ve read the past few days has been a Tar Heel Editors Speak Out from The Fayetteville Observer.


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