Sound off


Enjoyed Central Chorus at Bojangles’

Anyone who was not at Bojangles’ this morning missed a tremendous treat. The choir from Harnett Central Trojans sang the national anthem and I have never heard it sung more beautiful. I understand they were on their way to ECU to perform. They sure won my heart with their performance from the time they entered the restaurant until they had to leave. Such talent!

Stop the caravan

We are about to be overrun, and our country is stormed with 7,000 migrants trying to break into our country. The national guard is going to have to go, the military. We can’t just let ourselves be overrun.

Build the wall

You know, all these people coming here from Mexico and those places we give money to. Take the money back! Build the wall! I don’t mean a piece of crap wall, I mean one that will get you! ...

Thank you Sound Off

I would like to thank Sound Off for printing our call a few weeks ago, for printing the name of the funeral home that provided the service of the deceased. That is so helpful I am so grateful and thankful to you for doing that. Be blessed.

Dorman Road needs work

Dorman Road between Erwin and Food Lion warehouse needs to be repaired and paved. The Food Lion trucks travel that road are wearing it out. ...

Others getting killed

It ought to show you how the news and media is. They’re all over it about the reporter getting killed in Iraq, but you don’t hear nothing about the people getting killed in Detroit or any other state. You don’t hear nothing.

Interview them

You can see how biased the news media is. All you have to do is turn it on. They won’t ask the people, they only show the people when they’re marching.

A taste of their own medicine

I reckon them left wingers are getting it now; getting a taste of their medicine. You remember Sarah Sanders ... getting shouted at “shame shame!” They don’t like it when you go after them and the way people are going after them with the bombs.

Drastic measures

I watched on the news about the caravans trying to head our way and storm our borders. During Biblical times God had his people wipe out whole cities of people, even women and children. If they try to illegally cross that border and storm us, they may have to take drastic measures.

Shame on Madonna

I saw on TV Madonna said she had a dream about blowing up the White House. Is that not a threat toward the POTUS?! If that had been a Republican saying it about Obama, they would’ve been put in jail.

Quick to solve

Ain’t it something how the FBI can solve the bomb case in two days, but one and half years later they can’t solve the Russian collusion.

Leave ‘General Hospital’ alone

I don’t understand why they have to make these announcements when you want to watch “General Hospital.” They don’t cut out any of these stupid shows ... . Why do they have all of these people saying the same thing, then someone commenting and analyzing what you just heard. If you have hearing, you heard it.

Where’s the outrage?

There’s all this outrage about blackface, but theres a commercial about a little black boy having a white face for Halloween. Where is the outrage in that?


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