Sound off


Quit hollering about it

Well, it’s getting time to vote again and you’ve already got people hollering about the voter ID being discriminatory. Well, I am sick and tired of people hollering about that. If you’ve got relatives that need help getting their ID, help them and quit hollering about it.

Rhodes Pond is a mess

This is just one of the concerned citizens about Rhodes Pond. You know, even if they can’t fix the whole pond, it looks to me like Wildlife from Cumberland County could get out there and clean up the mess. It’s just a mess. And even where they built that place to park the equipment, they’ve let it grow up, they haven’t cut the grass there all summer, it’s just growed up and it’s just a mess.

Pat on the back

Cindy Gordon should not be associated with Harnett County Schools in any way. With her new job at the same rate of pay, seems to me as if she got a pat on the back.

No right to opinions?

I cannot believe the article I just read in The Daily Record concerning the student who had to remove his shirt in order to stay at a ballgame because someone got mad! Really? Is that what this world has really come to? It’s not about morals or good sportsmanship anymore. A person has no right to his/her preferences or opinions anymore? ...

Tree needs to come down

This is for Harnett County. ... when you cross the railroad tracks on Arrowhead Road, somebody needs to cut that great big, big Christmas tree down. It’s so close to the road, you have to be careful when you come across the railroad track coming from Food Lion and Alphin Brothers. ...

She was rewarded

After reading the articles in the paper about the Harnett County school superintendent and Harnett Central principal, I feel like that as a Harnett County taxpayer, we have made a serious mistake by transferring this lady to the county office and rewarding her with the same pay and not showing any discipline for her at all or concern for this young man. ...

Be more concerned about church

Wouldn’t it be nice if Harnett County citizens and parents would be as concerned about getting their children to church as they are about this Trump T-shirt? I think Harnett County would be a much better place.

Should be fired

I really am outraged that Principal Gordon is still employed with the county schools and making $94,000. That’s outrageous. She should be fired, I think. I think we should stand up and demand her resignation.

Just wants her fired

This is for Mr. Collins, who wrote in the paper again the other day, basically all he wants to do is just get this principal fired. His son was asked to change his shirt. He was the one who chose to leave. And as for his mounting legal fees, there’s really no reason to consult an attorney. He should have went to the principal after the incident on Monday morning. ...

Who is God?

Question, my question to you: Who is God? Read St. John, Chapter 1, verse 1. Thank you.

A prisoner’s cry

Do you ever wonder how your loved ones are being treated while incarcerated? Well, I am speaking out to let you know. We are being treated like animals, being dehumanized in the worst way. We suffer physical abuse, mental abuse from staff members daily, forced to live in the worst living conditions such as cells without running water, no working toilets, etc. And these are just a few things that we are forced to endure.


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