Sound off


Sound Off

Hats off to Officers Barefoot, Kerley

I want to thank two of Erwin’s finest. Last weekend our grandchild was in from Kentucky and we stopped to speak to two officers — Officer Daniel Barefoot and 1st Sgt. Ralph Kerley — on the way into a restaurant. Our grandchild was treated like a king by these two officers. He also received a junior badge and stickers from him, which led to a lot of arrests at home that night for us. This is truly an experience that he will never forget. It made a very, very positive impression on the child. ... Hats off to these two great officers.

Can’t depend on FBI

They want an FBI investigation, but you know they couldn’t investigate Clinton. They already set her free before they investigated her. Who are we going to depend on in the FBI? ...

Social Security raise?

My question is, has anybody heard or does anybody know if the seniors are getting a cost of living raise this year or not? And, if so, will they get it or will it go to Medicare like it has for the last two years. Because people that’s on Medicare did not get the raise, Medicare went up. ...

Got to make a profit

The news media is about to have a fit because Amazon is going to pay their people $15 an hour. Well, you know, that’s nice if everything else would drop down ... But when they pay $15 an hour, they got to make a profit so their price goes up. It’s just like working at McDonald’s or Hardee’s. Somebody’s got to make a profit.

Likes Lett

Just calling to let everybody know I enjoy the “Lett’s Set A Spell” column. For the caller who doesn’t like it, simple, don’t read it or look at it. ...

Protesters are paid

For the caller last week about the protesters being paid. Yes, I bet they are paid. They have people that they pay and they go out and find people to go out, who don’t think for themselves, let somebody else think for them and they go out and just do. I think those people should be locked up and put in jail for a long period of time for destroying people’s property and everything. ...

Every man is not bad

I am a woman and I used to think women could reason things out pretty well, but this thing about crucifying Judge Kavanaugh, all these people coming out of the woodworks, these angry women. I understand if you were hurt, but don’t pin everything on every man. Every man is not bad ... .

It was 30 years ago

Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a member of the female gender. Women, please get a handle on yourselves. Quit blaming Judge Kavanaugh for all the things that might have happened in your life. Let the man go on to the Supreme Court. It was 30 years ago, he was a teenage boy, even if it did happen, which I don’t believe it did.

Not being president

We don’t have a president. Since he’s been elected, the only thing he’s been doing is campaigning, playing golf and tweeting. Those are three things he’s been doing — campaigning, playing golf and tweeting. Who’s running the country?

God will judge

I get so tired of hearing political parties blame each other for their sorriness. If you’re in office, why don’t you go ahead and do a good job and keep your mouth shut? That just degrades you. You act like a spoiled brat. And as far as Kavanaugh, God’s going to rule in that and He’s going to judge him. Why don’t people keep their mouths shut?

Get over it

Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court because of what the Democrats have put him through. When Republicans lose, they go on with their lives. When the Democrats lose, they’re mad, mad, mad all the time. ...

It’s threatening

These left-wing shouters, they ought to be arrested for disturbing the peace. You know when a senator or them can’t go out and enjoy themselves eating, that somebody has got to get in their face and start shouting, that’s a bunch of BS. But we’ve let it go so far that we tolerate it. Then we got people like Maxine Waters out there saying, get in their face, follow them to the gas station and all that. Ain’t that threatening to a human?...


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