Sound off


Sound Off

Forgive missed school days

This is for the school district having to scramble to make up days, why don’t you just let that go? That was something the children couldn’t help, the teachers couldn’t help and it looks like y’all would have a little bit of forgiveness. And to be sure all the teacher work days y’all had in place hadn’t been used already. That was a hurricane that came through. A lot of people’s not even got their stuff back in order. So why don’t you just let those days go?

Medicine drop-off in Dunn?

When will there be another medicine drop-off in Dunn?

There’s a drop-off bin in the lobby of Dunn city hall just outside the police department that is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. When a drop-off event is coming up it will be posted in The Daily Record and the Dunn Police Department’s Facebook page.

Kudos to Erwin citizens

I’m so happy to see that the citizens of Erwin are fighting to keep their school rather than letting the commissioners come in and tear it down. Thank you, Erwin citizens, for being concerned.

Chicken-killing dogs

I live beside some sorry neighbors out here in the country who don’t take care of their animals. They had some chickens to get loose and their own dogs chased them in the woods and killed them. And you could hear the painful, awful death ... that they went through and then the dogs brought them back up to the porch and the neighbors had to sit there and listen to a squawking death. This is very inhumane and these people shouldn’t be able to have pets or animals or nothing.

All deserve raises

You hear Roy Cooper on TV talking about the roads and stuff but DOT is never appreciated until the storms come — snow or hurricane. Once the roads get messed up, oh boy, they’re the greatest people there is. But you don’t hear nothing when it comes time to give raises, just teachers.

Don’t believe them

Being a woman, I feel sorry for women who are actual victims of sexual assault. I do not believe these two women that are coming out against Brett Kavanaugh. I do not believe it. I think it’s a Democratic stunt to try to keep him out of office, off the Supreme Court, and I think it’s a shame what our country is coming to.

Being mean to Kavanaugh

Well, the Democrats couldn’t get him no other way, now they’re trying to slander Brett Kavanaugh. ... I hope people are watching after they have been so mean to him. I surely hope people are watching.

Trying to ruin him

I am a female, conservative Republican. I am sick to death of the Democratic Party. I am sick to death of them trying to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life and his family. I don’t believe none of the crap that’s coming out. I think it’s all a bunch of hooey and they’re just trying to ruin this man to keep him off of the Supreme Court.

About the amendment

The amendment that all the governors — Republican and Democrat — was against was about giving power from the governor to the legislature. I don’t know about that ad they have on TV. I haven’t heard anything about that.

Where were the parents?

All this mess that’s coming out on television about all these women accusing men of rape or some kind of sexual harassment at the age of 14, 15, 16 years old, hey, where’s the parents at? Why not go back in time and invite the parents. If you’re going to try to ruin a man’s life that happened 34 years ago, hey, go back and invite the parents. They should have been responsible for a child at 14, 15 years old.

Have mercy on him

... As we sat today and watched the judge defend himself over that mess with that woman, as he was trying to keep the tears back, the tears were flowing out of mine and my husband’s eyes. ... I just ask God to have mercy on him and to touch him in a mighty way, because I just do not believe that woman’s story...

They were just teens

To all you people who jumped on the bandwagon to crucify Brett Kavanaugh. He was 17, even if it did happen, he was a 17-year-old boy, he was drinking with a 15-year-old girl, who was drinking. Look at your children, your teenagers, and wonder what they’re doing at night that you don’t know about. At 17, I just see crucifying the man if he did do it at 17.

Were they sent back?

I just have a question. I know all the linemen from different states came in to help North Carolina and I am most appreciative but I did learn that the linemen from Mississippi and Alabama were sent back. Someone told them they weren’t needed. I live in Sampson County and we didn’t have power for six days and I know other people didn’t have power longer than that. So why were these people sent back when they drove all the way here to work, to help us? ...

Kick out Feinstein

I guess we have thrown the judicial system into a whirlwind. I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty. I also thought that you investigated before you got somebody up there to try, to find out what was going on. And the other thing is, Feinstein, the one that held the letter back since July, to me needs to be impeached and kicked out of the Senate...


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