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Kudos to cleaning couple

That lady and man cleaning up the cemetery are now giving away breakfast. Got me a coffee and a biscuit. They do a lot for this neighborhood. Saw a lot of city workers down there. They need to be nominated for Man and Woman of the Year.

Got themselves stranded

You got some stupid (person) that will go out on the Cape Fear River or any other river and ride the rapids and then call for help when they get stranded. They ought to leave them out there and get to shore the best way they can. It’s not right for the rescue to have to go rescue them. They were the one who put their self in the situation.

Tired of Kavanaugh mess

I am so sick of the Democratic party. This whole rigmarole mess about Kavanaugh. They just don’t want him to be part of the judiciary system or whatever. They’re terrible. I would love to see all those old fogeys’ dating lives from back in their teenage years investigated. Let’s see what we can pull out of their closets. I don’t think he did it. I think it’s a lie.

What about Rhodes Pond

What’s going on about them fixing Rhodes Pond? We saw an article in the paper about a month ago and ... they were still going to have it fixed in the year 2018. Well, everything around there is really growing up bad, even the wildlife that took it over, the building where they keep some of their equipment, the grass is grown up real high and it’s looking really bad. We were just wondering what was going to be done about Rhodes Pond being fixed?

Who closed the post office

I would like to know who has the authority to close a United States Post Office in the City of Dunn when all the cities and towns all around are still open?

Why wait to report?

Is it me or is it not me? Why is it that no woman or man will come out against anybody until they get to be in authority? Is it so they can sue them and get money? Look at that woman. Thirty-five years and she ain’t said nothing but all of a sudden when Kavanaugh tried to get in the Supreme Court, she comes up with it...

Tired of Lett

I am just sick and tired of all the Lett stuff that you put in the paper. I know that you should be able to find something else to put in this Dunn paper.

At least clean it up

About three months ago, I had called in to ask about Rhodes Pond. Then I got my answer back that it would be fixed within the year 2018. Well, we have had this hurricane that’s came through. There’s a car, you just can see the top of it, that’s down in the water. If they’re not going to fix the pond, at least they could come down here and clean up these high weeds and these dead trees, so somebody could see when they come around that curve. There’s no telling how many people’s going to be hurt or killed in that mess that’s down here.

Don’t let them build

I see on Florence, you know the low lying land, they let them build houses on it so the county can collect tax money off of them. That’s all it is. They get twice or three times as much money for a house being on the land where you can’t build. Well, they ought not let them build on it. But you can’t stop that because the county wants taxes...

Comment on obituaries

The Daily Record has been a staple in most households. Until now, I was pleased with The Daily Record. Now I am very disappointed that you have taken out the full obituary. ...

Supports tax cuts

You are right, way to go, Mr. Republican. That’s right. George Holding helps the working people in America with the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan. And it’s helping people on their paychecks and it’s helping them when they file their income tax. And as for the deficit, it’s been real big through Obama, Bush and Clinton, and before them. ...

Subscribed for obituaries

I’m saying this in all honesty. The only reason I subscribe to the paper is to read the obituaries. I scan through the other parts, but I only read the obituaries. ...

Proof needed

What is happening in our country? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? And Judge Kavanaugh, he needs to be able to face that accuser. And she needs to have to prove what she is alleging. She needs to prove it. He shouldn’t be tried by everybody before there’s even a case. ....

Paid protesters

The Democrats in Congress were mean to Brett Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearing. And they could find nothing. And I heard about paid protesters. Now, it makes me wonder are these women being paid? ...


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