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Nothing To Do With Slavery

It’s sad to see all these young people tearing down monuments on college campuses while they’re there on either their parents’ money or the taxpayer’s money. These monuments had nothing to do with slavery. ...

Doesn’t Like Paid Obituaries

Does it cost so much to include obituary information that the paper can no longer publish it without a fee? Some people don’t even have the money to bury their loved ones. I might not recognize the name of the deceased, but maybe a survivor that I would want to pay my respect to. I’ll buy a paper faster to see an obituary than I will for some “innocent person” running from the police. ...

Wants Survivors Included

I have been a subscriber to The Daily Record for probably 20 years or longer. I saw in the paper yesterday where they are going to start charging to print obituaries. That, in my opinion, is a disgrace to the deceased and the surviving family. A lot of times I read obituaries, I might not recognize the person, but I would recognize some of the survivors. ...

VA Not Treating Veteran

The VA Hospital is doing everything they can to hurt me medically. It only takes one person like a doctor to refuse a veteran from an important medication. In my case, what are they waiting for, me to go blind? One doctor in the VA Hospital told me not to come back to the VA Hospital because they were too busy with their appointments, that if I had a problem to go to an outside medical clinic. So I did and the VA still didn’t help me with my eye meds I need to take and put in my eyes. When is it going to stop? ... Hello! Does anybody hear me?

Why $30 More?

I have recently paid my vehicle taxes for the year. The bill was sent in the mail but I did not go pay it until after July 1. There was a difference in the bill of $30 more. I asked the clerk why it was higher and she informed me that Dunn has added $30 per vehicle tax to the bill. When I got home I looked at the bill carefully and realized that majority of the cost in the tax bill was coming from the Dunn area district, not the county. I understand that money is needed to make improvements but I believe this is a bit much. Can anyone explain as to why we are being charged an additional $30 tax on top of a heavy city tax on our vehicles? What is the reasoning behind the increase?

According to discussion at city council meetings as reported in The Daily Record, the additional revenue is to be used for road improvements.

Obits Are Favorite

I was very disappointed to learn that The Daily Record was downsizing the information that is being put into a free obituary. The obituaries were my favorite thing in the paper and next is the crossword puzzle. ...

Pay Off Debt

The Republicans and the Democrats, they can’t get it through their head. If they take 1 cent that they get for taxes and put it into balancing the budget, they could get the budget balanced in less than five years. But you think they would give up that 1 cent? No!

What About Handicapped?

I see where this hurricane is going to come in. What I’m wondering is, what does people who are handicapped do? They can’t go stay in a shelter. My wife is on oxygen and I’m in a wheelchair and depending on that to move me around. ... Where does handicapped people go? They don’t ever tell that on TV. ... They’ve got shelters open. They can’t lay on a cot, some handicapped people... They have to have some kind of lift to help them stand up and sit down on a bed and then it’s got to be a bed that raises up and down...

Tree Needs To Come Down

I think Duke Energy could do better than what they do for the people. Our neighbor has a huge pine tree that’s all but took his meter box down ... . They came out here and trimmed some trees and they were going to get some of the limbs ... and they didn’t ever come back and do it. And I tell you what, if that wire comes down, the whole neighborhood is going to be without power. ...

Cheesy Looking

I want to say hats off to Mr. Adams for all those years of having the obituaries in the newspaper being normal instead of being some cheap, cheesy looking little ad that they put notice of death. ... It seems like you still, as an editor, could do like the past administration and respect those individuals who passed away and have a full ad in here without having to have the cost that they’re incurring now. ...

Putting People Out Of Jobs

It looks to me like (a certain pharmacy) is trying to buy up all the drug stores and put all the other businesses out of business. ... they’re buying other drug stores and hurting a lot of people causing them to lose their jobs. ...


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