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‘Way To Go, Mr. Republican’

Republican George Holding has a commercial touting his tax cuts, his support for tax cuts. I guess he doesn’t realize the effect it has on the deficit. Way to go, Mr. Republican. Way to cut your taxes so the deficit rises that other people have to pay it in the future.

A Matter Of Respect

I’d like to make a suggestion to these people who don’t know what ma’am and sir mean. It’s showing respect. A school teacher up in Tarboro, the little boy said ma’am and she told him not to say that to her no more... The parents of this child, I salute them... All he was doing was paying respect.

Symbols Can Be Used
To Fuel Hate

In response to [Sound Off calls] on Aug. 24 concerning Confederate symbols. I do not condone the action to Silent Sam. But I am smart enough to know when certain people use these symbols in the background to feed ideology of hate, bigotry, scare tactics, and violence is unacceptable. No, we cannot change history, but bad history repeat itself? Remember Emmett Till, 14 years old [who was murdered in 1955], the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and recently nine people murdered at a Charleston, S.C., church. There was that flag, and Charlottesville, Va., one killed over a Confederate statue. Is this the heritage they embrace?

Not All Are Privileged

I thought civil rights was for everybody, but it ain’t. Because if you’re white, you’re called privileged. ... I picked cotton and cropped tobacco, I didn’t think it was privileged. And walked 4 miles to work — one way. That was privilege...

Democrats Can’t Bear It

The Democrats in Congress are fussing, giving false accusations and showing themselves over Brett Kavanaugh. They can’t hardly bear it because Donald Trump nominated him.

Paid Agitators?

They showed today on the news that them three people that got arrested for tearing Silent Sam down and they weren’t even from UNC. Are they paid agitators? Destroying something that belongs to everybody. There’s a lot of things that I don’t like, but I don’t go tearing it down ... .

Disrespectful To McCain

How can you veterans out there support Donald Trump after the disrespectful way he has treated Sen. John McCain? Trump never served a day in the military, but he doesn’t mind sending our boys somewhere to fight. John McCain and his whole family — his father, grandfather and his sons — served and are still serving in the military. This country owes a lot to Sen. John McCain. Trump, nor neither of his sons, ever served a day in the military...

Stand By Hog Farms

This is for all the people. Everybody better stand by the hog farms because it might be a member of your family that’s let go one day with the layoff. So people better stand by these people and support them instead of these stupid people suing them. ... When a place like this is hurt, there’s a lot of places hurt and people laid off and losing their jobs.

Thank You
For Cutting The Tree

A big thank you to the person that cut down an old, dead tree on my property. Last Wednesday, I heard a motor running but I couldn’t see where it was. Later, I saw that my old tree was gone and all the debris had been cleared up. If I ever see you, I will give you a heart-felt handshake of appreciation and a big hug of love. May God bless you.

Thank You For Time
And Temperature

I was calling to say thank you for whoever is responsible for putting the new time and temperature number up. For those that might not know the number is 591-4111. Thanks, again.

Elderly Deserve Better

... if you have a loved one in a nursing home, you need to be there all the time if you possibly can. Some are neglected and abused. If bad things happen, they try to cover it up. I know. I was there every day and I saw it to be true. Unfortunately, due to not being there all the time there, I lost a loved one from an accident not reported or called to me. They are now dead. Nursing homes need to be monitored in all rooms and nurses’ desks in North Carolina. ... Our elderly deserve better.

It’s Mob Rule

Parents who have kids in college that are involved in things like taking down Silent Sam, look what you’re money is paying for. For them to participate in mob rule, anarchy, lawlessness. They’re not doing things the right way and I’m sure you parents are out there supporting them for it.

Clean Up Your Yards

I live in the town of Dunn and I don’t know why the town don’t make these people clean up the yards and grown-up fields. It’s just a sore eye for the whole town, especially on the south side. It needs attention.

Because Trump
Nominated Him

Remember the comment for the Democrats by Nancy Pelosi, we have to pass it to find out what’s in it? Well, shouldn’t Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed before they see any information in the documents? I’m sure there’s nothing in the documents to incriminate him because he’s not that kind of person. There couldn’t have been a better choice and they’re all upset because Trump nominated him...


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