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Should Have
Mentioned Gen. Lee

I was watching TV the other night, 1940 when the paratroopers started at Fort Bragg. And the father of the Airborne was Gen. William C. Lee. He started the jumpings and nobody on that program even mentioned his name and he was a famous man down at Fort Bragg with the paratroopers ... and I think they ought to had his name in it since he started the parachute jumping.

Tax Dollars Paid For It

I want to know why these kids are allowed to go up there — they’re adults, when they get college-aged, they’re adults — why they’re allowed to go up there and tear down the Silent Sam statue? And they’re doing nothing about it. Our tax dollars paid for that statue to be put there. It’s been there for lots and lots of years. There’s things that I don’t like. How about if we go and pulled down Martin Luther King statues? ...

What’s Up With
Rhodes Pond?

Question: The last time I read anything in the paper about Rhodes Pond, it was going to be done by the end of the year of 2018. Well we got four months left in 2018 and nothing has been done about the pond yet. My question is just wondering what’s going on?

Waste Of Money

I just read the article from the Aug. 21 paper, “Local Teachers Attend In-Depth Holocaust History Training.” Just when are the Harnett County taxpayers, why are we responsible for sending teachers for such training? Can you count on your fingers the number of kids in the Harnett County School System that had relatives involved in the Holocaust? Even so, that’s non-essential spending. What’s next? Are you going to send teachers to Auschwitz for them to further learn about the subject? Are we going to send them to Paris to learn about the French Revolution?...

Paying For Others

I was reading The Daily Record about people complaining about tax cuts, all they want is a free ride. Yeah, but the ones who are paying the taxes are paying the taxes not the ones who are getting free rides. The ones getting free rides never pay any taxes at all except sales tax on items that they buy. ... I don’t think you should have to pay taxes out of your pocket and then for somebody else who is too sorry to work... .

Trump Is For Rich

All of you little Trump supporters out there who sent him your $10, $25, $50 for his campaign, now you can see where your money went. ... Donald Trump is only for Donald Trump and the rich. When will you people out there wake up and smell the coffee where Donald Trump is concerned. ...

Time For Silent Sam To Come Down

Thank God the young white generation is not still fighting the Civil War. ... The young white generation said it was time for Silent Sam to come down and that’s what they did. They did not wait for an order to come down from the legislature, which was never going to come. They took the statue down themselves. ...

Wasn’t Bothering Anyone

The teenagers in Durham brought that Confederate statue down and was never punished. All they did was go to court a few times. Period. That’s all. They were never punished. So, the students at UNC think they can do the same thing. And they’re not afraid because the police was standing right there. They did nothing. To me, those statues ain’t bothering nobody. And I love the black people with all my heart.

Parents Permanently Separated

I want the Democrats and the Republicans to tell me this. How did that girl get killed ... by an illegal alien being here. Shouldn’t have been here to start with, but they don’t say nothing about the separation of her parents from her by somebody who shouldn’t be here. All you hear is about separation of children at the border. Well, what about her? What about her parents? They were separated from her because of an illegal and she was a U.S. citizen...

Why Did The Coverage Stop?

Watched (television) and all them stations and they put that woman on there from Iowa, the college student that got to missing, every day. But just as soon as they found her killer was an illegal, it stopped because it didn’t go with their agenda. ...

When Will
Street Resurfacing Start?

My comment is on the street resurfacing. Now that we’re in to the new fiscal year and the funds are available, when are we going to start seeing some asphalt being put down on some of the badly needed streets in Dunn?

Dunn City Manager Steve Neuschafer said, “We’re hoping we’ll have a program this fall.” The first repair will be the intersection of Broad and Ellis, followed by the roads of Brunswick and Washington, he said. The $780,000 budgeted for the year may be spent by then, but if not, there are many other roads on the needs list, he said.

Fallout From
Smithfield Lawsuits

I think what the public done to the Smithfield hog farm, I think that’s a shame and disgrace. You would not believe the companies that’s been affected by that mess. People losing jobs, being laid off right and left. It’s a shame and disgrace. And them people, some of them bought land from those people so they know that the hog farm was going to be there. ...


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