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Disappointed In Inquiry

I was disappointed to learn sheriff candidate Harry Ennis was planning to petition the SBI to investigate the jail as it’s being operated by Sheriff Wayne Coats. It stands to reason that a cellphone could have been used prior to being booked into the jail. I don’t believe, however, that a cellphone was actually brought into the jail.

Go Home

The news media actually thinks the people enjoy listening to them crucify Donald Trump. But it’s the people that voted for him and put him in the president’s office, they forget about “we the people.” And as far as those people in Mexico go, people who’ve worked over here all their lives and had money taken out of their checks for Medicare and Social Security, we are the ones that deserve the Social Security and the Medicare. We have all of them we can take. Let them go home, take their children and go home.

Wants Something

In Return For Fee

I understand that the Dunn City Council voted to charge $30 to register your motor vehicle with the City of Dunn. Whether it’s a car, truck, moped, motorcycle, golf cart with license, the way it started. But what kind of certificate will they give us to put on our license plate to prove we have it registered here? Is there any way we can have a notification that we paid that fee?

Pain Killer Problem

Everytime you open The Daily Record or any other newspaper, it’s about another tool to fight the opioid epidemic. Mostly what people are hooked on are pain killers that doctors give them because insurance companies won’t allow the patient to have the operation or whatever they need to fix it. In other words, they’d rather give them drugs than pay for them to get fixed so they won’t have to keep buying drugs. That’s the whole point in a nutshell.

Nothing Above Congress

All you got to do is watch TV and you can pick out the Democrats and the Republicans by what they say. Democrats are 100 percent for impeaching Donald Trump and the Republicans are not. And then when they go after DOJ ... the Democrats will say, they know they can’t put these things out there. Well, you know what? I don’t think nothing is above the Congress if you look at it.

Gone Too Far

Those anarchist publishing the ICE numbers, they should publish their numbers so everybody will know where they stay at. And how would Peter Fonda like it if they went after his grandchildren like he said to do Donald Trump? And how would Madonna like it — I thought threatening the White House was a crime — and Madonna said, I’ve had dreams to just blow up the White House.

Take A Lesson From Others

We need to go look at Russia, Korea, South Korea or China and all them places and find out how they’re doing their border so we can do ours like them. You think about it. All the money we’re spending on somebody else’s people.

Burden On Property Owners

People are so dumb, they want a free college education. I saw where Harnett wanted to give them a community college education, well tell me this, where did they get that money? Out of the air? The money has to come from taxpayers and the only one that’s paying for it is the people that own anything. The people that don’t own nothing is getting housing assistance and food stamps and all that, they don’t pay no taxes.

Where Are

The Black Children?

I have a comment that I would like to leave. It is 2018 and it is a shame that racism is still going about. To look in The Daily Record paper to see all the little white children getting appreciated for things, getting honored for things. We know that African-American children, as well as Caucasian children, win awards, do different activities just as well as the white children. ... Why is it always publicity about white children?

A World Without Boundaries

You hear the people wanting open door policies at the border. Well, tell me this. Would they be up for the states to have no boundaries? Or the cities to have no boundaries? How about their house that they live in? Would it be all right for someone to come and move in from the streets and say, I’m going to live here? Would that be all right? They’re breaking the law, but they don’t consider it breaking the law.

Separating Children Is Sad

I honestly don’t know how anyone can say that that crazy man in the White House has done right by dividing those children from their parents. You ought to know how you would feel if you... were in Mexico and they come, they take you in one place, your husband in one place and then they take your 4-, 5-, 6-year-old, 3-year-old child away from you and put it somewhere where you don’t know. You don’t know the language, you don’t know the culture and you don’t know when you’ll get to see your child again. That is sad.

Weedy Lot Problem In Erwin

The Town of Erwin should be ashamed of all the overgrown lots on Wilson Street. This has been called in to the building inspector several times and they still have not been cut. Someone needs to address this issue.


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