Sound off


Too Hot For Paws

There are so many people that I’d really love to send to Oz to get a brain. When you have your pet out walking on hot pavement, I would really love to take your shoes off and force you to walk on that hot pavement. People, think about your pet. Think about their feet on this pavement.

Thanks For Nothing

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for that tax cut. I really have noticed an improvement in my wallet. I’m just trying to figure out how my kids are going to pay off the big debt you’ve incurred on us. The national debt continues to rise because of your tax cut, sir. Thank you very, very, very much.

Clean It Up

Somebody has lost a load of debris. ... That really needs to be got up because somebody could really, really get hurt. I don’t know who lost that debris, but there’s a load on one side of the road and some on the other side of the road. This needs to be looked into. It’s on U.S. 301 like you’re coming from Godwin, going to Dunn.

Backs Trump’s Actions

I wanted to sound off about President Trump. It is within his rights to do what he’s doing with the border situation, I think. And I believe he probably ends up not being tough enough on it, but I do think he’s doing a fine job on what he has been able to accomplish. I, for one, stand behind him and always will with the way he plans things out and the way he thinks things out. I think he’s doing a fine job with the immigrants and other people who are trying to come across the border.

Saw The Truth

When Donald Trump met with the Republicans in Congress, I’m thankful they put it on TV, the plan they came up with, because on the news it’s twisted and turned around, they’re not truthful. And I know they don’t want to tell anything good about Donald Trump. But I’m just thankful I saw the real deal in the beginning because you’re surely not going to get the truth on the news media.

Not Their Business

The Census Bureau, they don’t need to know how much you make. You can answer that if you want to. They need to count the households. But, no, when somebody said the Census Bureau said that so many people would get it free, you know, it’s none of the Census people’s business what you make a year. And if you give it to them and you answer other questions, it’s all on you.

Doing Good Job

I just read the article about the complaints concerning Ashbrooke Apartments. The way I read it, sounds like that on-site manager is doing a very good job and maybe even should earn a rent as hard as she’s working about keeping trespassers away from the apartments and keeping people from staying at the apartments who don’t belong there.

Trump Is Right

Donald Trump is right. They need to be tough at the border. It’s letting crime in our country, it’s letting that gang MS13 in our country, and drugs are being smuggled into our country. When we go to another country, we have to have a passport.

Democrats Stick Together

Have you seen how the Democrats will vote no on everything that comes up? You can’t get one of them to [break] rank and file. But the Republicans, they’ll be splintered groups. One here, one there. They won’t stick together. The Democrats will. People ought to realize that.

Gone Crazy

The Democratic Party has gone so far beyond civility and reason that they are really blowing my mind ... . To say attack people because they don’t believe what you believe in politics, to encourage riots and attacking people. They’ve gone crazy.

Double Standard

The situation with the migrant children happened also to President Obama, but we didn’t hear as much about it because the news media didn’t want to broadcast it with him. They’re wanting to tear Donald Trump apart, the reason they’re all in such a fit about it.

No Room To Criticize

I’d like to know how Donald Trump can be so hard on immigrants when he’s ... in the White House with one himself [the caller if referring to First Lady Melania Trump, a native of Slovenia]. So, why is he so hard on immigrants?


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