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Too Expensive

What peeves me off about insurance is, say you go to the drug store and a prescription costs $2 or $3 and you have a $20 co-payment. You have to make the co-payment to get the $2 medicine.

Anti-Trump Media

News people are against Trump. They don’t like him. They wanted Hillary to win. She didn’t, and they’re holding it against Trump. They would love no more than to kick him out of office. That goes for a lot of other people. And you’ve got Republicans who are Democrats in Republican clothing because they backed Obama and they won’t back Donald Trump.

Start With Trump

In response to “GOP Did It Worse” [Sound Off call, June 8], you need to start draining the swamp from the White House. Well, if that’s the case, then you need to start with Trump.


As I sit here watching TV, the History Channel and the Invasion of Normandy, I can see why it has become so easy for me to turn my TV off on Sunday afternoon. To see people disgrace the flag and to dishonor the people who died and the way they died. I don’t think we have any idea what they went through. I don’t. And I’m so sorry that I don’t really know. But I appreciate it.


I was pleased to read that President Donald J. Trump is being considered to win the Nobel Peace Prize. I think he’s very deserving for all the great he has done. Thank you, Donald Trump.

Who Made It?

I read Sound Off every Friday and maybe somebody can answer this question. I have a drink bottle called Crystal Cola and it was made in Dunn, N.C. Can you tell me about when that bottle was made or who made it?

Be Concerned

I’m concerned for children that the mothers let ride their little bikes or tricycles and just play in the street. ... My concern is that something is going to happen to one of the kids and I think a mother should be concerned that her child could be run over or hurt riding in the street.

In Terrible Shape

I’d like to complain about the streets in Dunn. They are in terrible shape. ... Also, the car taxes. They are outrageous.

The class of 2018 insert was well done except for one thing — no whole-class pictures! Every graduate deserves to have his or her picture in it, not just a select few.

Something’s Changes

I hear a lot about bullying on television and I do not understand. Bullying has been around forever. I was bullied in school. I was tripped, fell down with my books, I was picked on because I didn’t walk just like everybody else. But I got through that, I didn’t think about killing myself. So something has changed. It’s not the bullying, it’s our kids. What is it about our kids that can’t handle this anymore?

Thanks For Clarifying

Thank you, Mr. [Steve] Ward, director of Harnett County Public Utilities, for clarifying how the quality water report is generated [Record Forum letter, June 12, “Tax Dollars Not Used”]. Thank you for clarifying that it [a bill insert] was not used with county funds.

Pet Shelters

Has anyone thought about making little shelters, like car shelters, for pets? Like something to go over a dog house but not as big as something you would put a car or truck in. I think this would be a great idea if somebody would invest in these little shelters for pets.

Read Fine Print

Grandpa told me when I was little, “always read the fine print.” But nobody does, they go by the big print that’s on TV or in newspapers. The big print will catch your eye. It’s what’s in the fine print that you ought to be looking at. But you can’t get a dozen people to read the fine print. Then they say, I didn’t know I signed anything with that in it. ... You didn’t read it to start with.

Save The Money

When the Harnett County commissioners want to raise the sales tax or have a bond or anything like that to raise our taxes, let us remember how they’re giving away our money. They had a surplus. Instead of trying to give it back to the taxpayers like the Republicans in Raleigh did, they’re giving it here, giving it there. And the schools want a little bit for this and then they want a little bit more for that, and then they want a little bit more for something else. They will always be wanting more and more and more.

Taking Advantage?

I’m reading in Friday’s papers about the “Summer Meals Available For Students.” This is just another classic example of makers and takers in society. And also, again, people having children who cannot keep them up and forcing responsibility on other people. ... If you keep on making these programs, I mean, where’s it stop? People will be having children just to take advantage of the programs out there that give them more money to stay at home and not work.


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