Remembering History Is Important


There was a meeting last week that marked a significant project in the Lillington area. A committee now is beginning the process of establishing a museum to display the area’s history. The county seat is following the example of other towns in the area and it is a positive sign for the community.

The Lillington History Museum committee met with staff members at the Coats History Museum last week to learn how that facility has become a local success story. It was a good sign to see one community supporting another.

A committee full of dedicated volunteers in Lillington will take that information and turn it into action as they begin work on their own museum. They will soon begin moving display items into the home.

Gayle Sorrell, representing the Coats museum, was correct in saying, “There is so much history out there, all you have to do is find it.”

Lillington has a head start on other locations because the town is providing a free location.

The historic Atkins House, once a private residence, has served many roles in the decades it has sat on Front Street. Its new role will be helping to preserve the town’s history in a new museum. Already located in the home is the Lillington Area Chamber of Commerce.

Older residents recall May Day celebrations where young citizens once danced the May pole. It continues to be the centerpiece of Christmas celebrations each year.

Most recently, the building was the town hall before staff members moved to the former county administration building. The chamber of commerce will share the building with the museum. Together the two entities will continue to make the beautiful building productive for citizens of Lillington.

Mayor Glenn McFadden and his board members, along with Lillington Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Phil Addison, are to be commended for taking an active role. Projects like museums are only a success with support from all aspects of the community.

Coats is only one local town that has been successful showcasing its history.

The Dunn Area History Museum is a shining jewel in Dunn’s downtown thanks to the hard work of volunteers there.

The Erwin Historical Society has established a museum there and continues to show off the history of the Denim Capital of the World.

In Angier a unique collection of gourds is on display in a museum there. Angier also has a history museum.

And in Benson, the Benson Area Museum is a showpiece downtown.

Even in Harnett County’s western side, the Hammerstone Scout Museum traces the history of the Boy Scouts 100 years into the past.

All over Harnett County, citizens and groups are realizing the importance of remembering where this county has come from. That will help us determine where we go from here.


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