Rebounding is key


It was reported that the strong rebounding skills of one high school basketball team won the game, even though the other team had taller players. Some refer to rebounding as “cleaning up the boards” or “the inside play” or “pulled down” or “jobs on the glass.” One team can be lifted above the other by its dominant play inside. Many teams focus on rebounding as part of the defense. Even offensive rebounding.

In general, to rebound means to recover from a setback or frustration. In other words, when one shoots a basketball and misses, he or she strives to recover the ball and get another chance (or even a third or fourth chance) to make a score by boxing out the opponent. Certainly, rebounding is key — it’s crucial. Otherwise, the opponent will get possession of the ball, and the team will forfeit an option to score. Winning the game is about points — even one point.

So, even when I encounter frustrations in life, I rebound. I recover from setbacks and disappointments. The “inside play” of unceasing prayers wins the game of life. I recover, regain, and retrieve. I regain my composure. Yes to being unbeaten. Yes to reclaiming. Yes to recouping and rebounding, for rebounding is key.

Prayer: Lord, help me to make up for that setback. Help me to rebound, and never give up. Lord, use my setbacks as stepping stones. Lessons learned. Thank you for second chances that lead to victory.

In Christ’s name and for his sake.


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