The following realty transactions were filed from April 21-27 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Kim Hargrove in Lillington.

. Hunter Mingin to Delfino Moreno Villagomez, Grove Township, Lot 25, Turlington Tract.

. James Cagle to Denise A. Cobb, Lots 3 and 4, Atkins Corner.

. Charlotte Carol Hester Brown to Charlotte Carol Hester Brown, 4 tracts, Upper Little River Township.

. Little Cross LLC to Wynn Construction Inc., Phase 1, Hector’s Creek Township, Lots 23 and 26, Avery Pond.

. Joshua Edward Britton to Jamie Hurtado Vallejo, Lot, Lillington Township.

. Antonio L. McBroom to Joseph B. Arnette, Section 2, Upper Little River Township, Lot 2, Royal Pines Estates.

. Tamera B. Millon to Margaret B. Gill, 3 tracts, Duke Township.

. Floyd Properties and Development Inc. to Timothy Opondo Madaraka, Portion 3, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 442, The Manors at Lexington Plantation.

. Steven M. Rosser to Richard N. Quiroz, Section 3, Lot J-19, Carolina Seasons.

. Wynn Construction Inc. to Mario Joseph Lund, Phase 2, Lot 40, Avery Pond.

. Joseph Ashley Wilkins to Philip F. Falzarano, Lot 1, Y& M Properties Inc.

. Brenda Joyce Sharpe to Bobby L. Sharpe, 1.14 acre, Portion of 44.5-acre tract, Book 473/105.

. PHH Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Section 3, Portion 4, Lot 48, Overhills Creek.

. Caviness Land Development Inc. to Michael Edward Hargis, Phase 4, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 257, Forest Oaks.

. George Allan Mowbray Jr. to Amanda M. Wiltsey, Section 2, Phase 1, Johnsonville Township, Lot 11, Cooper Farm.

. McLean Chapel Partners

LLC to Chadwick Wormer, Stewart’s Creek Township, Lot 5.

. Nathan M. Satterfield to L& M Properties Inc., Hector’s Creek Township, Lot 12, Spring Meadow Acres.

. McLean Chapel Partners LLC to Jeremiah Schroeder, Stewart’s Creek Township, Lot 4.

. William Lederer to Robert D. Miller, 0.90-acre tract, Anderson Creek Township.

. Sherrell J. Mobley to Ralph D. Rucker, 5 acres, Johnsonville Township.

. Jerry Ray Royal (Admn.) to Richard P. Royal Jr., Section 2, Duke Township, Lot 71, Erwin Mills Inc.

. David Douglas Avila-Eskridge to Charles R. Griffin, Phase 8, Portion 2 and Portion 2C, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 379, The Colony.

. Corey A. Hill to Kristine Alice Ricci, Phase 2, Lot 9, Heritage Haven.

. JEC Real Estate Investments LLC to Shahonna McKoy, Lillington Township, Lot C.

. Jared Cohn to Mark Ciolek, Phase 3, Lot 111, Forest Trails.

. Antonio L. McGriff to Kenneth R. Cavender, Phase 3B-2, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 512, Anderson Creek Club.

. Larry D. Hobson to James Cody Moore, 0.75 acre, Grove Township.

. Kenneth James Terhune to Dustin Issac Terhune, 1.03 acre, Upper Little River Township.

. Angelica Wood to Camjac Properties LLC, Section 1, Duke Township, Lot 267, Erwin Mills Inc.

. Sheila L. Baker to Courtney Schultz, Section 2, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 8, Brandywood.

. Cynthia McPhail to Timothy L. Matthews, Tract 7, Duke Township.

. Jeremy S. Ansell to Elijah Ussery, Section 2, Barbecue Township, Lot 54, Sunset Ridge.

. Patrick J. Dew to Charles M. Testerman, Phase 5, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 179, Woodshire.

. Karen S. Veit to Paul L. Dawson II, Lot 23, Thomas Manor.

. The Rosalie Edwards Byrd Irrevocable Trust, dated July 1, 2008, to Jackie L. Byrd, 43.99 acres, Grove Township, Clifton Byrd Property.

. Gordon R. Parnell Jr. to James Patterson Jr., Buckhorn Township, Lot 3.

. Joseph Christopher Smith to Keith Bullock Builders Inc., 2.796-acre tract, Buckhorn Township.

. Christopher G. Bailey to Melanie Lorraine Krichko, Section 9, Lot 12, Sierra Villa.

. Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Phase 2, Lot 20, Nature’s Crossroads.

. Crystal L. Cooper to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Book 2661/523544, Phase 2, Lot 20, Nature’s Crossroads.

. Freedom Constructors Inc. of Dunn to Kitty Sue Betts Breedlove, Grove Township, Lot 29, Hunter’s Run.

. PLJS Properties LLC to Ricky R. Wood, Section 2, Duke Township, Lot 215, Erwin Mills Inc.

. Bryant Douglas Hickman Sr. to Bryant Douglas Hickman Jr., Anderson Creek Township, Lot 24.

. Esther Brower Peeples to Esther Brower Peeples, Johnsonville Township, Lot 3, Eugenia T. Jackson Land.

. William Andrew Stopper to William Andrew Stopper, 5.16 acres, Johnsonville Township, Lot 6.

. Wade T. Saunders to Angela Lynn Evans, 7 acres, Tract 1 and 30-foot easement, Anderson Creek Township.

. Chas Allan Schroeder to Bette A. Holderman, Lot 77, Forest Trails.

. Betty Avery Johnson to George W. Splain, 1.474 acre, Grove Township, Lot 2.

. James L. Weeks to Sun Dawg Renovations Inc., 0.370 acre, Averasboro Township.

. Harriet S. Bohli to Harvey E. Molock, 1.29 acre, Parcel B, Black River Township.

. Evelyn Smith Weathers to Everette E. Smith, 2.15 acres, Tract 12.

. Evelyn Smith Weathers to Lisa M. Smith, 1.5 acre, Tract 7.

. Evelyn Smith Weathers to Lisa M. Smith, 0.5 acre, Tract 6.

. Marshall D. Gaster to John Timothy Roberson, Averasboro Township, Lot 4, Ivy Glen at Gleneagles.

. Jessica Reyes to Jacob Gangsei, Lot 1.

. Danny Brinson to La Mission De L’Esprit-Saint D’Eugene Richer Dit Lafleche, 5.800 acres, Tract A, Little Branch Ranch Property.

. Conceptual Properties Holding Company LLC to Sabrina Giannelli, Section 1, Phase 2, Lot 13, Carolina Seasons.

. Christopher T. Stancil to William Daniel Warda, Phase 2, Black River Township, Lot 13, Benton Point.

. Annie Cox Severt to Ryan T. Dailey, Neill’s Creek Township, Lot 5, Holly Village.

. Progress Homes LLC to Black Coffee Agency LLC, Black River Township, Lot 37, Cambridge.

. Patriot Properties & Investments Inc. to Nicholas D. Cunningham, Phase 1, Barbecue Township, Lot 18, Crestview Estates.

. Robert D. Hurd to Andrew Hicks, Lot 47, Highland Forest.

. JJJB Investments LLC to Kevin Wesley Beavers Jr., Lot 46, Gatewest.

. James D. Hartman to James Donavon Hartman (Co-Trustee), 3 parcels, Grove Township.

. Kenneth Michael Figurski to Shon Kevin Murphy, Phase 2, Barbecue Township, Lot 45, Block G, Carolina Lakes.

. Mark F. Brown to Hannah E. Robinson, Lot 20, Cameron Woods.

. Andrew W. Showerman to Troy L. Hare, Phase 5, Lot 115, Victoria Hills.

. U.S. Bank Trust NA (Trustee) to Kelly Broadhurst Staton, Portion of 68 acres, Tract, Lot 36, Dorman Land.

. Nicholaus Vann Stephens to Shey M. Getz, 2 parcels, Averasboro Township.

. Raymond W. Cox to Sharon C. Sharpe, .15 acre, Tract 1 and .71 acre, Tract 2.

. N. Earl Jones Jr. to Southern Touch Homes LLC, 0.58 acre, Grove Township, Lot 1, Cottlestone Estates.

. Ricky V. Bowling to Christopher Lynn Bowling, Phase 1, Buckhorn Township, Lot 1, Continental Estates.

. McLean Chapel Partners LLC to Brett W. Stewart, Stewart’s Creek Township, Lots 6 and 8.

. Angier United Methodist Church Inc. to Horace Kenneth Richards, Lot 13, Crest of Camille.

. Larry L. Bowles Jr. to Ralph D. Rucker, 2.00 acres, Parcel B, Johnsonville Township.

. Margaret Tart Lee to Lorie L. Allen, 7.24 acres, Averasboro Township.

. Margaret T. Lee to Lorie L. Allen, 5.0 acres, Averasboro Township.

. Margaret T. Lee to Lorie L. Allen, 22 acres, Averasboro Township.

. Margaret T. Lee to Marsha L. Johnson, 56 1/2 acres, Averasboro Township.

. Margaret T. Lee to Marsha L. Johnson, 18.61 acres, Parcel A, Averasboro Township.

. Edward J. Womack to Bridget Ann Matthews Pope, 1.13 acre, Grove Township, Lot 22, Riverland Estates.

. E.C. Edgerton Jr. LLC to Eugene White, Lot.

. Nicholas J. Graham to Shaun K. Beers, Portion 1, Lot 54, Lexington Plantation, Village of Lexington.

. Stephen W. Giles to Hunter Gallogly, Tracts 1 and 2, Duke Township.

. Bobby O. Collins to Timmy Martin Collins, 1.44 acre, Tract

1D and 30-foot easement, Upper Little River Township.

. Weaver Homes Inc. to Corey W. Woods, Lot 25, The Vistas.

. Patsy Ann Prince Hargis to Gregory A. Smith, Lot 1, Cedar Rock.

. Robert J. Kouneski to Oscar David Sabogal, Section 2, Barbecue Township, Lot 48, Sunset Ridge.

. Ryan Daniel Firth to Clarence J. Shuler, Lot 12, Westhaven Homes, No. 3.

. Raymond W. Cox to Raymond W. Cox, 55.40-acre tract.

. Weaver Homes Inc. to David Groseclose, Phase 2, Barbecue Township, Lot 20, Pittman Crossing.

. Atlantic Construction Inc. to Ronellah Atualevao, Stewart’s Creek Township, Lot 51, Sweetwater.

. Royal Oaks Building Group LLC to Alexia P. Idoura, Phase 1A and 1B, Black River Township, Lot 13, Southern Acres.

. Wellons Realty Inc. to Luis A. Loria Jr., Phase 2, Black River Township, Lot 21, Oxford Woods.

. Vincent Michael Sciortino to Larry D. Birschbach, Phase 4, Barbecue Township, Lot 69, Block K, Carolina Lakes, Club Harbour.

. Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Section 6, Portion 1, Lot 315, Overhills Creek.

. Anderson Creek Partners LP LP to H& H Constructors Inc., Section 2A, Phase 8, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 120, Anderson Creek Club.

. Anderson Creek Partners LP LP to H& H Constructors Inc., Section 2A, Phase 8, Anderson Creek Township, Lot 116, Anderson Creek Club.

. Barry J. Patterson to Mark Dent Dickerson, Upper Little River Township, Lot 5, Ella P. Kelly Estate.

. Prentiss Junior Underwood to Brian Keith Page, Duke Township, Lot 10, Wondertown.

. Rachel A. Randall to Linda Raheb, Lot 5, Magnolia Place.


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