Prayer for school kids


It has been stated that knowledge is an investment that pays the best interest, a passion should be developed for learning, and the future of the world is in the classroom. Also, having wisdom and understanding is better than having gold and silver (Proverbs 16:16).

A fascinating aspect of education is the internet, including distance education and the integration of technology into instruction. But there is nothing like time-honored, eyeball-to-eyeball, traditional, face-to-face teaching. Usage of both is a winning combination! Good old-fashioned teaching advice is this: Use various tools, just don’t sacrifice quality.

Participating in the development of a student’s confidence and unique abilities is a rewarding aspect of teaching. An educator has the keen ability to “see” and “pull out” a student’s potential, which is oftentimes just lying dormant. It is thrilling to witness students’ joy of success and progressive accomplishments, as they experience newfound capacities. So let’s keep the school kids, the employees, and the grounds covered in prayer.

Prayer: Lord, school kids face their own battles, so please send the right people into their lives to provide supportive face-to-face encounters (trustful human connections) to steer their academic development and propel them into purposeful destiny. So many distractions fight for their attention, so we pray that barriers will be identified and confronted. Help caring teachers to see them as individuals — beyond assessments, content standards, and employment. Lord, these are your children, and their future is in your hands. Grant them an insightful mind to understand and retain concepts. Make learning easy. And Lord, don’t let them be distant from You. Make Your face shine upon them (Numbers 6:25). We pray that they will know Jesus in the pardoning of their sins. So we continuously cover the school kids in prayer.

In Christ’s name and for His sake, amen.


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