Outsmarted by a 10-year-old


Gracie is not your average 10-year-old. She’s cunning, crafty, funny and she’s had me wrapped around her finger since the day she was born to my older sister.

I didn’t see this plot coming, but I walked right into it.

Gracie misses me. She’s been wanting me to come see her ever since I moved here. In a video chat on June 29, I told her I’d come see her soon.

“When?” she asked.

“Soon,” I said.

Gracie wanted a specific date. I wasn’t giving her that. She looked sad.

“You know you can always come stay with me, help me lead the office,” I quipped with a smile.

“What if they don’t listen to me?” she asked.

“I’ll make you my deputy.”

“Then the first order I will give is for everyone to take a week off... Tell them that on Tuesday.”

“But if everyone leaves, then you and I will have to write all of the stories for the newspaper,” I reasoned.

“Hmm,” she said.

And we might all be fired for not showing up to work, I added.

She could see where the dilemma was there. The week-off order had to apply to me, too. Her solution was to remind all of the staff to hide in their houses for a week — staying away from windows so they wouldn’t be spotted, she said, and simply telling the boss that something came up and it took a week to handle it.

“Do you think that will work? Do you think we’ll be forgiven?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said. “There are things more important in life than work.”

Before I realized what she was getting at, she said, “and since you’ll have that week off, you can come take me to the water park on Tuesday.”

Woah. Wednesday is usually a big paper. I can’t just take a random Tuesday off, I thought.

“Better make it Friday,” I said.

“Great! I’ll let you tell Mom and Dad our plans,” she said, quickly walking the phone down the hall to her father.

Before I knew it she had them all marking their calendars for “Water park with Mimi” on July 12 as I laughed at her cunning move.

Gracie wanted a date. She got it. And now — I too — am looking forward to July 12.

Emily Weaver is managing editor of The Daily Record. She can be reached at eweaver@mydailyrecord.com or at 910-230-2028.

Emily Weaver

Emily Weaver


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