Out with the old, or maybe not...


I don’t know about you guys, but we celebrated such a joyful Christmas and recent New Year’s holiday. Everyone was in good spirits and blessings were abundant.

When asked for gift ideas, the only thing I requested (aside from my Betsey Johnson shoes), was having the carpet of our master bedroom replaced.

Let me preface this unusual request by saying that the ugly, green grass carpet in the master suite has just turned a whopping 25 years old. Yep, I saw you wince, too, so you understand the struggle.

Now I’m no flooring expert nor do I claim to be; however, after conducting some research, I discovered the typical lifespan for carpet is a mere five- to 15-year stint. That is correct and ours is venturing into Year 26.

Can we all just concur that it’s high time to haul out that once-popular and now-hideous sage green flooring in that one room?

Until this bucket list item is fulfilled, I’ll continue to hide the stain-laden, threadbare green mess-of-a-plush with large rugs and oversized furniture placement. (Even my accidental drips of white paint when touching up the trim hasn’t spurred any replacement plans at the moment).

While we’re on the subject of getting rid of the old, the new year has afforded us a chance to do a little of that, at least. Since January swept in, we’ve been able to enjoy some time to breathe in new life and energy inside the home. In fact, though spring hasn’t yet arrived, our spring-like cleaning has already begun.

This past week, my husband and I courageously tackled another overdue project — cleaning out the attic. For those of you who have undertaken that task, you know what a challenge that can be. Again, the struggle is real.

During this extensive January cleaning spree, we’ve found it amazing the treasures and not-so-valuable items unearthed. We were quite surprised how our then-preteen son had inconspicuously stowed away such articles as tableware, trash, empty soft drink bottles, and our kitchen cutlery in the walk-up space. Hmmmm...

We even spotted a generational article passed down from my late father-in-law’s family. What a perfect artifact to pass on to future generations.

We discovered old board games, mini Hot Wheels cars, graded school papers, family photo albums, my daughter’s first one-eyed baby doll, and yearbooks belonging to all four of us.

The mirage of kids’ comforter sets — from Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, sports and soccer themes to Duke basketball — also had us reminiscing on how quickly the time has passed. Ahhhh, what precious memories this attic has secretly housed inside.

It was several days later — after ferociously filling and donating 36 bags to charity — that we would attest to the old adage, cleanliness is next to godliness.

We concluded that — whether we are replacing aging carpet or sifting through an antiquated attic filled with child-like wishes, dreams, heirlooms and other memorabilia — that well-known proverb has proven applicable.

Not only does the adage promote cleanliness in our daily lives, but it also reflects a cleansing of the mind, body and soul.

What better way can we start out the new year?

Kim Lambert is a former reporter with The Daily Record and former editor of The Angier Independent.


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