Not Taxpayers’ Bill


I’m reading in the May 17 paper [article] “Harnett County Draft Budget Is $9 Million Short.” I am in no way surprised after reading in the paper time and time again how much money the Harnett County Board of Commissioners gave away from the Harnett County taxpayers, such as all the nonprofits that got tens of thousands of dollars. ... If they want money, let them get it from private donations or fundraising.

Get Whole Story

I’d like people to remember that when you grab your cellphone and are filming things that are going on, like a police officer trying to arrest somebody, please get what led up to that arrest and whether or not that person being arrested was resisting or argumentative before the officer had to get forceful. Please remember to always get the whole story.

Good Job

Just wanted to thank our sheriff’s department for doing an excellent job getting that meth off the road [article, May 21, “120 Gallons Of Liquid Meth Found In Fuel Tank”]. Just think how many people that would kill. Our sheriff’s department does a good job.

No Help

It is a real shame that the City of Dunn, someone here, does not have a place for the homeless. I saw three people, they were homeless, sitting under a tree in Downtown Dunn just before a storm. ... The county was called and they said they could respond in a week. This is terrible.

The Wrong Answer

I saw where the Democrats were talking about gun control. Every time a shooting occurs, they go after the guns? Have you ever seen how hard it is to get a concealed pistol permit? But the ones who are getting the guns, most of them are illegal buys. But you never hear nothing about that. You always hear we need a background check. You have to jump through hoops now.

Sounds Pretty Good

The Republicans in Raleigh gave the teachers a pay raise five years in a row. And in the budget it’s going to be 6.1 percent in the sixth year. That sounds pretty good to me. I never got those kind of raises when I was working.

Taking Too Long

I am curious as to why Three Bridge Road is still closed. It was opened back up for a little while and then it was closed again. I have an elderly family member I visit frequently and it has been very time consuming to take a different route. Are they even working on that road? It doesn’t seem like it should be taking this long to fix it.

Two Outlooks

It’s funny to me how Republicans and Democrats can read the same sentence and come up with two different interpretations. Now they’re calling Social Security “federal benefits.” No it’s not. It’s your Social Security, they took it out of your check and your employer paid in just as much as you did, but they squandered the money. Instead of it going into a Social Security thing, it went in the general fund.

Combine Resources

[In response to the May 24 article, “Schools Present Vision Plan”] There’s more push for a college prep program in the western part of Harnett County. We have one in Dunn. I am a citizen of Harnett County, a lifelong citizen, and I just don’t see the need for two. To me, it would make more sense to combine the resources and have one centrally located, perhaps in Lillington, and combine the resources as far as the teachers and the equipment in one building instead of financing two buildings, two principals and two separate staffs.

Slow DMV

Recently I got a notice in the mail alerting me that I needed to renew my driver’s license. Having moved from the Clayton area to McGee’s Crossroads, I thought I may as well utilize the DMV in Harnett County. So I researched the articles that would be needed to present to the attending officer, and drove to Lillington. I entered the office to find a room full of irritated people and a computer for issuing numbered tickets. ... The sense of urgency to move all of us “cattle” through the process was totally nonexistent. ...

Thankful For Police

According to the Bible, we are to obey authority. The police are authority. They are there to protect us and do their best to stop crime. ... Thank the Lord for our police and troopers and our Harnett County Sheriff’s Department and our Dunn Police and all the other police. I’m just real thankful for them. They have a hard job, they have decisions to make in just a few seconds.

A Way To Save

I was wondering if Harnett County Schools might consider making some of the grounds at the different schools natural areas. There seems to be a problem with keeping the grass mowed. Most campuses have weeds and overgrown brush. And I just wondered if maybe that would be a solution and a money-saver if they could designate nature areas like some golf courses have done.

Wrong Year

I was just reading through the paper, June 8, Friday. You made an error under this article, “Veterans, You’re Invited To Breakfast.” On the date of D-Day, it’s June 6, 1944, not 1945. But, you know, everybody makes mistakes, no big deal, but that is kind of an important historical date and I noticed that error.

Move Them Back

I wish the schools would go back to holding graduations at their individual schools.


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