New owners buying gold in Dunn


The ownership and the name have changed but the manager of a gold sales business in Dunn says he wants to use his experience to provide a service to the community.

Averasboro Gold is now operating on a daily basis where NC Gold formerly operated, near Grandson’s Restaruant in the Wayne Avenue Shopping Center. The business purchases gold from customers based on the current price of gold. Following a required holding period to insure items are not stolen, the business then sells the gold at market prices.

The business is also selling some high-quality jewelry.

Johnny Overby manages the store which is owned by Bryan and Tina Avery of Angier. The owners and management have established a motto for the business.

“We are going to pay more than anyone else, we are going to make sure of that,” Mr. Overby said.

Mr. Overby has worked at the business for eight years for the previous owners before working for the Averys. He and his wife, Linda, have collaborated with Mr. Avery on several historical projects.

Mr. Overby said he wants a business people are comfortable with.

“We want people to feel like they have a place to come,” Mr. Overby said. “If they have gold, they can come in here and leave with cash if they need to pay a bill or need money for something else. We think of it as a service to the community.”

He said the business accepts all types of gold including broken jewelry.

Mr. Avery, a well known local historian, said his new business is an opportunity.

“This place was already set up for this kind of business so we didn’t have to do much,” Mr. Avery said. “It was an opportunity we saw and we took it.”

He chose the name because of his historical background.

“Everything I have done is related to Averasboro so it seemed natural to name the business after that,” Mr. Avery said.

Averasboro was once one of the largest town’s on the Cape Fear River. The original town sat on just outside Erwin. The town moved to the Dunn area when the new railroad became a better way of transporting goods than the Cape Fear River.

Mr. Avery wrote several books on the town and also directed a series of internet videos on the history of the area.

Averasboro Gold is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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