New Manager In Place At Dunn Belk Store

She’s looking forward to the future.


New Dunn Belk store manager Angel Brown has some big footsteps to fill, but she’s confident she’ll have no trouble picking up where Melissa Redman left off.

“The company sets the same goal for everybody — make sure we take care of our associates and our community,” she said. “I’m very much a people person and I like to connect more in person than I do anything else. I want to make sure we get the brands everyone in the community likes.”

Ms. Brown believes the store is a lot like Dunn itself. She feels there’s room for growth.

“It still is pretty much a community place, but it can be as big as we want it to be,” she said. “I think that’s one thing my goal is going to be and to have top talent in the building to make sure we can do what we want to do.”

Ms. Brown says one of the keys she’s ready to focus on is what’s actually on the shelves and racks of the store itself. She believes, in this case, bigger will be better for all.

“We’d like to get some bigger brands in here,” she said. “Get some Michael Corrs and some Coach, I think we definitely have the clientele for that in here. It’ll be the same way in cosmetics. We have the big three, Clinque, we have Estee Lauder and maybe something different in there. Brands will also be our top focus.”

Ms. Brown wants to definitely take up where Ms. Redman left off when it comes to involvement in the community as a whole. Ms. Redman sat on the board of directors of the Dunn Chamber of Commerece, and while she didn’t mention that aspect, Ms Brown does want to continue the community partnerships as well as establish new ones.

“Melissa did a really good job of being a part of that and I want to step into that,” she said. “For me it’s about hearing what the community wants and really trying to do that, but I want to have that balance in we do our own little events now and then.”

While she admits it will take time, such as sitting down with the chamber to discuss what some of those events could involve, she credits the company for supporting her efforts.

“The company does a really good job of giving us what we need to do it,” she said. “Some of our charity events are coming up and we’re doing an extra one in August, we’ve never done that before as a company.”

The event in August will mirror those done currently in the spring and fall, such as a back to school theme.

“Kind of tailoring that event reaching out to Planet Fitness down the way,” she said. “Kind of swimsuit event.”

With new upper-level staff in place, she said the learning curve is there for them to master together as a team.

“All of us are new, so all of us are trying to figure out what we want to do,” Ms. Brown said. “We’re meeting a lot of people, the traffic is actually up for the building. I love that it’s got a beach vibe but it’s still a town vibe. So, we need to figure out who we need to connect with and how we need to do it.”

She offers credit where it’s due, saying the people who have come before her and the current staff paved the way for her and her predecessor’s success.

“Great talent has been in this building since it’s been downtown,” she said. “So listening to those associates and figuring out what they want to do is important.”


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