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This weekend was Mother’s Day, a day we take time to celebrate our mothers. For some, it may have meant spending time building a new craft for their mother, or running to the card store at late hours Saturday night hoping they still had the right card, or buying the “budget budle” bouquet of flowers from the grocery store because that’s all that was left.

But, I’ll present a fun new idea for you and your mom, or for anyone in your life. Find a movie to enjoy with your mother.

As some readers may have noticed from previous columns, I’m a big fan of pop culture; I love movies, they inspire me and drive me. So, with this idea in mind, let’s look at some inspiring mothers in movies.

First up, Andy’s mom from “Toy Story.” “Toy Story” is a family favorite of ours, my daughter frequently watches the trilogy.. But if we take a moment to look beyond the characters of the toys, and even Andy, we see his mom. Throughout the “Toy Story” films we see that she is constantly fueling his imagination with each of the new toys he receives. She is also showing attributes of a caring and nurturing mother. In “Toy Story 2,” Andy accidentally tears Woody’s arm while playing, and his mom promises to sew and fix him. She shows these attributes of a good and loving mother.

Up next is Helen Parr/Elastigirl from “The Incredibles.” Not only is she a real mom dealing with marriage and children issues, but she has super powers which leads to more responsibilities. Helen Parr shows the flexibility of motherhood. As I’ve seen firsthand, children can put a strain and pull on mothers, but mothers can handle it. Much like Helen Parr, my wife, Anna Barbara, is a stay-at-home mom. She might not wear a supersuit like Elastigirl but my wife is a superhero and mother much like her; balancing the craziness of life, motherhood and family.

Brie Larson’s Ma from “Room.” I was slightly hesitent to add this one to the list. But after watching you’ll understand. In “Room,” she is set raising her young son, Jack, from birth while only being in a room alone, just the two of them. We meet them after the boy is 7 years old. We see her stregnth of caring and struggling daily in this environment alone. This one deals greatly with showing the struggles of a single mother while also confined.

Lastly, Sandra Bullock’s Leigh Anne Tuohy in “Blindside.” This is another untraditional point, but it’s still a mother. In this one, Tuohy has to balance her children as well as a teen she takes on and guides. She shows how you don’t exactly have to be a biological mother to make that maternal influence.

Take some time to enjoy a good comedy or a drama with your mother. Sometimes we need to see examples beyond the day-to-day of mothers. Plus, it lends a nice laugh.

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