McDonald’s opens with a fresh look

Can order at kiosk and food will be brought to you


Visitors to Dunn’s westside McDonald’s have noticed major changes inside the store following a complete renovation of the interior.

The lobby of the McDonald’s on West Cumberland Street re-opened last week after a period where it was closed to accommodate crews working inside the building. The drive-thru remained open during that time.

Those coming back to the store noticed major changes, mostly to the lobby area. Much of the flooring, walls and other interior decor in the building are now different.

The biggest difference is the new playground equipment which will welcome young children to the store when it opens. The lobby is open, but the playground was not at the time of this report.

The store’s owner, Tom Haynie, said the renovations follow the recommendation of the McDonald’s national corporation.

“They suggest stores renovate every 10 years,” Mr. Haynie said. “The last time we changed this store was in 2007. It became decision-making time and we decided it was time to do something.”

The new renovation is part of McDonald’s “Bigger, Bolder 2020” movement taking place at stores across the country.

The playground will be a big draw, according to Mr. Haynie.

“It will be a traffic generator for young parents,” Mr. Haynie said.

A unique feature of the playground is that it is large enough for adults to get inside.

“If a child gets scared or gets stuck, the parents will be able to reach them,” Mr. Haynie said.

Another main feature of the store will be what company leaders call order-and-pay kiosks. Customers can personally order at the kiosks and pay with their debit or credit card. They can then pick up their food at the counter. They can also order at the kiosks and pay with cash at the registers. Mr. Haynie said the new kiosks aren’t installed to replace employees. Customers do not have to order at the kiosks.

“This is not about getting rid of employees,” Mr. Haynie said. “It is about better service for our customers.”

There will be no major employee changes at the Dunn store as a result of the renovations.

Mr. Haynie said research has proven that customers spend approximately $1.03 more on items when they order from kiosks as compared to traditional ordering at cash registers.

Customers who order at the kiosks will receive an order tent featuring a small GPS device inside it that they can place on their table. That will allow employees to easily find them when their orders are complete. The new store is divided into zones which will quicken the process.

The store is a total of 5,900 square feet. The work completed includes new floors, ceilings, walls and new tinted windows. There are more than 100 seats in the new store.

The store is designed for what Mr. Haynie described as “ease of walking.” That includes adequate space for handicapped customers. That space will be compliant with all Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Customers will also notice three new 55-inch televisions inside the store. The televisions will feature the latest in audio and video technology.


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