Local Author Returns To The Shelves

New book continues the message of love.


Peggy McDougald is at it again.

The Bunnlevel heart transplant patient turned author has penned her second book about the struggles of a woman named Angel to find love, truth and faith.

“Justice For Angel” is the sequel to “Saving Angel, Legacy of Guardians” and is available on Amazon.

The book is more than just a sequel to the original, it’s also a continuation of the message Ms. McDougald tries to portray in real life.

“Evil is around, but so is goodness,” she said. “You’ve got to keep doing good regardless of what happens. No matter what, you can do something.”

Citing herself as an example, Ms. McDougald believes just because you are from a small town, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve.

She believes it’s more about what is inside the person than it is about where they came from or where they choose to live. Something more divine is involved, she believes.

“A small-town person, they go to work, they come back home, but they can do more,” she said. “If I make it as a writer — and I am going to make it — these books are where I want them to be. I’m making them what I want them to be. Bunnlevel made me, I’ve lived other places, but Bunnlevel molded me.”

Ms. McDougald stresses her belief in the ability to do something as opposed to allowing yourself to be limited by your surroundings.

She says it’s all about finding something within yourself to use as a tool to greatness.

“I want people to know they can go further,” she said. “It’s not about what you do or where you came from, because there’s people in Bunnlevel who have some talent.”

Therein lies the problem, according to Ms. McDougald, using the talents to rise above yourself. She wants to see everyone, regardless of their station in life, to find success and happiness, she just uses her writing as a platform to tell a story to perhaps inspire someone, especially someone close to home.

“They don’t pursue that talent because they don’t see anyone else around doing that,” she said. “That’s what I want to give to my community, to my county. There are a lot of people in this community, brilliant people in this community.”

Beyond inspiring adults to get out of the lot in life they find themselves, Ms. McDougald also wants to use her stories to inspire the young as well. Inspire them to be more than what they may see in front of them.

Ms. McDougald has already used that belief in her own household. Her children have already broken through the barriers Ms. McDougald sees.

Her own children have responded to their mother’s desire by achieving well beyond ordinary jobs. All of her children in some way are creative and have used those creative skills to pass along encouragement to others.

Ms. McDougald says writing the books has been her use of what she believes the gifts God has given her.

“This book is important for me to do it, because it’s an inspiration,” she said. “I want to be out there again and I want to motivate people. I do stuff to inspire other people, because helping people is my soul, that’s why God made me.”


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