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The law firm Brent Adams & Associates has been featured in the cover story of the latest edition of Attorney At Law Magazine, North Carolina Triangle Edition.

Mr. Adams, along with associates Sheila Chavis and Vance Jennings, are profiled and offer their thoughts on the legal system, client care and how important they believe it is for everyone to be heard.

Mr. Adams told the story’s author, Bob Friedman, when people approach attorneys they want to walk out of his office feeling like someone is on their side.

“When people come to a lawyer, most of them know we are not miracle workers,” Mr. Adams told Mr. Friedman. “But they want us to fight for them and be on their side and be their advocate. Even if we’re wrong. That’s my approach to the practice of law.”

In the story titled “Brent Adams & Associates, Walk-ins Welcome”, Mr. Adams and his partners offer insight into the best ways to deal with clients and the opposing council.

In most cases, all three say it’s better to be nice and professional than it is to be mean.

“When I was a young lawyer, I thought I needed to be tough and play hardball,” Mrs. Chavis, who regularly handles worker’s compensation cases, said in the story. “I learned very early on that I am most successful when my strategy, arguments and actions come from a place that is truly me. I can be kind, warm and friendly when I feel the situation merits it. I can be tough as nails, stubborn and play hardball with the best of them.”

Mr. Jennings says Mr. Adams has been not only a law partner, but a mentor as well. He said Mr. Adams has shown him how making sure clients feel like they are the main focus is so important.

“Brent has taught me the personal touch,” Mr. Jennings, who handles Social Security and disability cases, said in the story. “In our Dunn office, people walk in all the time, whether they have an appointment or not. Our clients feel like when they walk in, they’ll get the attention of our staff. We make them comfortable, offer them a Coke or water and put a name with a face.”

While making sure his clients are always the main focus, there is one notable exception to the rule about being nice to the opposing counsel and client.

In the story, Mr. Adams describes his beliefs about insurance companies and the way they treat their customers when a claim is on the table.

It’s his belief the insurance company should be held to the fire without mercy and he’s not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with them and hold their feet to the fire.

“When people buy insurance they are buying a promise that when it comes time for the insurance company to live up to their promise they’ll follow through,” he said in the story. “It’s OK for insurance companies to nickel and dime when they are setting premium prices and deciding who to underwrite.” Mr. Adams said once the underwriter accepts the customer there’s no place for negotiating a claim. He says most people don’t understand what they’re entitled to when it comes to insurance companies.

“A lot of people don’t understand that the insurance company does not have the right to bargain on a claim, but they always do,” he told Mr. Friedman. “They are obligated to pay the full amount of the loss. Period. So when they’re really egregious about it, it’s a lot of fun to take them to task. To be able to have someone come in who has been shortchanged by the insurance company and take their case and make their life better really excites me.” In addition to his Dunn office, Mr. Adams has locations in Fayetteville and Raleigh.

The entire story is available online at the following link, attorneyatlawmagazine. com/triangleedition/ brent-adams-associates/.

Local law firm Brent Adams & Associates was honored with a cover story in the professional magazine Attorney At Law. Featured on the cover are partners Shelia Chavis, Mr. Adams and Vance Jennings.

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