Leaders should put people first


To the editor:

This government shutdown goes on day after day with people working, but getting no pay, wondering how they will pay their bills while our so-called leaders dig in their heels.

President Trump says, “We’re going to build that wall” while Nancy Pelosi says, “No way, not at all.”

They want to prove who can be tougher. While times are getting rougher and rougher for people who have bills to pay and families to feed, and leaders that don’t see to care about their needs.

What happened to the day that we had real leaders? Leaders that put the people and country first, leaders that said and believed “In God We Trust.”

Honest leaders that walked miles to return a penny. I dare say that we don’t have any.

So, let’s pray that our leaders will come to their senses and stop this war between the parties at the people’s expenses.

Julia Webb



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