DWI Reports


The North Carolina Highway Patrol, the Harnett, Johnston and Sampson County Sheriff’s Offices and several area police departments report a number of DWI offenses. In North Carolina, .08 is the legal limit and registration, if provided, of those charged — not necessarily convicted — listed.

  • Melissa Dawn Carroll, a 34-year-old female.
  • Elmer Chilel-Lopez, a 29-year-old male.
  • Jordan Leigh Clifton, a 21-year-old female.
  • Charles West Dolan, a 25-year-old male.
  • William Christopher Jones, a 30-year-old male.
  • Jonathan Robert Pyron, a 26-year-old male.
  • Christopher William Smith, a 33-year-old male.
  • Leonard Ray Avery III, a 47-year-old male.
  • Antoine Levelle Gaither, a 46-year-old male.
  • Keny Veronica Lopez-Velazquez, a 32-year-old female.
  • Tory Antwen Simpson, a 29-year-old male.
  • Gregory Scott Taylor, a 38-year-old male.
  • Michael Donovan Williams, a 28-year-old male.
  • Matthew Todd Faircloth, a 41-year-old male.
  • Enrique Iglesias, a 29-year-old male.
  • Jose Luis Lucas-Saucedo, a 24-year-old male.
  • Dennis James Owens, a 52-year-old male.
  • Dwayne Anderson Ragland, a 20-year-old male.
  • Yolanda Vinson, a 48-year-old female.
  • Emanuel Galan, a 37-year-old male.
  • Mark Anthony Zamora Villanueva, a 20-year-old male.
  • Eugene Barabasz, a 69-year-old male.
  • Kenny Ray Miller, a 38-year-old male.
  • Bruce Roy Archambeault, a 66-year-old male.
  • German Hernandez-Garcia, a 43-year-old male.
  • David Cook, a 52-year-old male.
  • Robert Junior Surles, a 55-year-old male.
  • Tony Capri a 58-year-old male.
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