Despite The Outcome, You Are Champs, Ponytails


It is a rare occasion when one city can claim a pair of world champions, official or otherwise.

Dunn now has that distinction thanks to the Dunn Angels and the Dunn Ponytails. While the Angels were able to celebrate their victory on the field and receive their due bounty, the Ponytails were not.

It is sad that something such as the way the Ponytails were beaten will be part of the memories of such a historic event.

The team from Latta, S.C., took home trophies, but hopefully they took home a lot more. While it isn’t fair to blame the players on the field for the final result, it is fair to hold the coaches of the team and the officials in Alexandria, La., where the tournament took place fully accountable.

When the now-infamous substitution error was brought to the attention of the Latta coach, it should have been the last thing he wanted to use to give his team an advantage.

He should have told the officials of Dixie Softball to let the winner be determined on the diamond, not the back of an obscure page in a rulebook.

Youth sports are not about the coaches, the parents or the officials, it is about the players.

Youth sports are about giving the players the opportunity to experience team play, sportsmanship, courage, integrity and honesty. It is not about winning at all costs. Especially, winning by whining, which is what took place last week.

Congratulations to both teams, you are the champions and you should stand tall and proud.

As for coach Jeremy Bass, you and your fellow coaches should be standing tall and proud as well. You are what coaching is all about.

Coach Bass said he now understands the rule, and he does not disagree with how the officials decided. However, he said, “If the roles were reversed, I would have never accepted winning the game without winning the game on the field.”

To the girls of the Ponytails, you played great and will always be champions.

And to the Dunn Majors who are presently representing the State of North Carolina in the Dixie Youth World Series in Lumberton, we’re rooting for you!


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