‘Dear Abby’ needs to go


To the editor:

I subscribe to your paper, and am not one to write letters to the editor; however, I have been really disappointed in the topics of discussion over the past few months in your syndicated “Dear Abby” column. I know this column has been around for many years, and I never paid much attention to it. Recently though, the salacious and immoral headlines have grabbed my attention. I suppose that is their purpose, but I don’t choose to waste my time on such trash. The content of “Dear Abby” does nothing to improve or inform our community. I strongly suggest that you drop this column. Surely there is something better you could print.

I look forward to your reply. My wife and I made what was then a difficult decision to stop paying for cable TV, which was importing garbage into our house. Our children deserved better. The “Dear Abby” column has caused me to make sure my children don’t read the Wednesday papers, and I have realized that I face the same choice again. I really hope you agree that The Daily Record can put much better content in the space once occupied by “Dear Abby.”

D.G. Walker



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